China’s Foreign Ministry released a comprehensive introduction to China’s stance on major United Nations issues on Monday, highlighting the U.N.’s irreplaceable role on the world stage.

The document, “China’s Position Paper on the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations“, was released just ahead of President Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to U.N. headquarters later this week to mark the organization’s 70th anniversary.

“As the most representative and authoritative international organization, the U.N. has played an irreplaceable role in promoting peace and security, development, and human rights,” it said.

The paper also called on member states to defend the purposes and principles of the U.N. Charter and follow the concept of sustainable development to promote democratization and legalization of international relations.

It went on to suggest that the U.N. should prioritize work in developing a more equitable and balanced global partnership for development, along with promoting gender equality and combating terrorism.

During an interview with CCTV, Li Baodong, Chinese vice minister of Foreign Affairs, said that China plays an active role in supporting and contributing to the U.N.’s work on the global stage.

“We will continue to encourage the international community to support the multilateral society, to strengthen the role of the United Nations, to maintain the international system and order with the focus on the UN charter, and build a new type of international relations based on win-win cooperation at its core.”

China is a U.N. founding member, a permanent member state of the Security Council, and one of the first countries to sign the U.N. charter.

During his visit to the U.N. headquarters, President Xi will attend the General Assembly debate, development summit, and the Chinese-proposed global women summit and roundtable summit for South-South Cooperation.