CCTV-America’s Wang Xin conducted an interview with U.S Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz who talked about the 2014 China-U.S joint commitments on climate change as well as the ongoing and future collaborations between the two countries on this matter.

During President Xi Jinping’s U.S State visit, China announced a series of policies including the “green dispatch,” to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

“I think this visit and our joint announcements will give us and the world a lot of momentum going into the Paris negotiation in December,” Moniz said. The bilateral relationship between China and the U.S has yielded significant results in dealing with the issues of climate change.

The Energy Secretary noted that in many ways, the vision and implementation of programs by both countries run parallel. He also mentioned that many Chinese and U.S institutions and companies are also working together to improve cooperation on intellectual property issues and he said that this relationship could serve as a template for nations across the globe.