Chinese President Xi Jinping promoted peace and advanced cooperation between China and the United States during an official state visit at the White House.Both Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama expressed the need for China and the United States to work together, at the White House on Friday.

They pledged cooperation in areas including climate change, cybersecurity, economic development and people-to-people initiatives.

CCTV’s Jessica Stone provided an update from the White House.


The Heat began its discussion with Jon Huntsman in Washington D.C. He was a former governor of the U.S. state of Utah and also served as the U.S. Ambassador to China from 2009 to 2011.

President Xi discussed a number of topics with U.S. President Barack Obama including climate change and cybersecurity during an official visit at the White House. On Monday, the Chinese President will address the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The discussion continued with this panel.