From climate change to cybertheft and the South China Sea, China and the U.S. reached important agreements and tried manage their differences. 

CCTV America’s Jessica Stone was at the news conference where Presidents Xi and Obama made announcements and took questions.

More details:

  • Both countries have now agreed that their countries will not knowingly facilitate cybertheft.
  • They have agreed to new communication channels to avoid an accidental military confrontation.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn on US- China Military relations
For more on military relations and issues regarding the South China Sea, CCTV America’s Mike Walter spoke to Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn – he’s an expert on China business, international corporate strategist and host to the television series “Closer to Truth”.

Yang Xiyu on President Xi’s US visit

For more insight on President Xi’s U.S. visit, CCTV America’s Mike Walter spoke to Yang Xiyu in Beijing. He’s a senior fellow at the China Institute of International Studies.