A Chinese Film festival in Washington, D.C. coincided with President Xi’s state visit.

Artists, filmmakers and film lovers experience a week-long treat of rare screenings and panel discussions. The goal is to break cultural barriers, and promote social change through the power of film.  CCTV was proud to co-sponsor the event.  

CCTV Jim Spellman reports.

Industry leaders of the two nations have arranged exchange programs for filmmakers. Joint China-U.S productions have become common.

Fantasy adventure films like Monster Hunt and Monkey King: Hero is Back have smashed box office records in China but struggled to break through with American audiences.

The Chinese film industry hopes to see more Chinese movie stars walking American red carpets.

Stars like Bai Baihe, whose latest film “Go Away Mr. Tumor” made its U.S. premier at the festival.

It’s the inspiring story of a woman with cancer fighting the disease with optimism and courage universal themes with the potential for global appeal.

Ensuring the films can be easily appreciated by American audiences is a priority.

“We must look for improvements in translations, especially when it comes to dubbing and subtitles. That way we will make American audiences more comfortable when they watch movies. This is the most important work for us,” Zhang Hongsen, Director General, China Film Bureau said.

The U.S. film industry sees a rising Chinese film industry as mutually beneficial.