On day one President Xi addressed members of Parliament at Westminster in London.

CCTV America’s Richard Bestic followed the days events and reports on President Xi’s first full day in Britain.

Philippe Le Corre on President Xi’s visit to the UK

CCTV America’s Susan Roberts interviewed Philippe Le Corre from Brooking’s Center on the United States and Europe.
Le Corre is an expert on Asia-Europe relations in the field of politics and economics.

What does the phrase Golden Era mean?

It’s being called the “golden era” of relations between China and the UK, but what exactly does that mean? What’s the impact on not only these two nations, but the world.
CCTV America’s Sean Callebs reports.

City of London welcomes Chinese President

One of the most important speeches the President will give during his State Visit to the UK will be in Britain’s financial centre, the City of London. CCTV America’s Richard Bestic reports.