China has agreed to invest about 9 billion U.S. dollars in the Hinkley Point nuclear project. During the China Overseas Investment Fair in Beijing today, it was one of the main talking points among the country’s major nuclear power companies.

From the Chinese side, going global means more cooperation with the world.

“The UK is a mature market, and our entry represents the recognition of our technology by Western countries. We have clear advantages in technology, talent, and equipment manufacturing,” said He Yu, the chairman of China General Nuclear Power Corporation.

China already uses Generation-III nuclear power technology. It is known as Hualong One, and is being jointly developed by two Chinese companies: one is China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), and the other is China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

Zheng Hua, the chief marketing officer of CGN, said “if the UK market could accept China’s nuclear power technology, it will give a modelling effect to our Hualong One projects in other parts of the world.”

Boosted by Generation-III nuclear power, China is more capable of going global in the nuclear energy industry with independent intellectual property rights. The development of even more advanced technology is already underway as well.


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