A trip to the U.K. would not be complete without going to a local pub for a pint. Even for a distinguished guest like Chinese President Xi Jinping, a beer served with fish and chips was a necessary stop for his first state visit to the U.K.

On Thursday, British Prime Minister David Cameron treated the visiting Chinese president to some very British hospitality, taking him to a local pub for a pint of IPA beer and the classic British pub food – fish and chips.

The two leaders enjoyed a brief 20-minute beer break in The Plough at Cadsden pub, a few minutes away from Cameron’s countryside residence of Chequers, before they headed for a formal dinner with their spouses.

It is reported that President Xi was keen on trying some traditional ale from the UK during his trip, which Cameron said was “very good”. In an earlier speech, Xi noted that he had been to a pub where famous American writer .used to patronize.