China Central Television revealed the presenter line-up for their annual Chinese New Year Gala for the night of Feb. 7, and here are the beautiful faces and personalities!

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Veteran presenters from CCTV, along with newcomers from local TV stations around China, will ring in the New Year to hundreds of millions of viewers who’ll be watching the nearly 5 hour variety show with loved ones while celebrating.
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Here’s who we’ll see hosting this year’s broadcast:

Zhu Jun is a well connected actor and host who’s father was an artist himself.
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Zhou Tao is an awarded television host who is no stranger to hosting the CCTV Chinese New Year Festival Gala.
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Dong Qing is a Chinese television host who has been a part of the of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala before. Qing is from a highly educated family and leads a low profile personal life apart from her time hosting events which gain millions of viewers.
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Sa Beining is a CCTV host and former face of the show Legal Report. He has been performing for audiences in China since the age of four.
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Li Sisi will be hosting alongside the others for this year’s massive CCTV Spring Festival Gala celebration. Sisi gained fame in 2006 when she was the winner of the show Host Challenge.
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Negmat Rahman is a Chinese television host of Uyghur ethnicity who is know for his time hosting the shows SuperStar DingDong and Sing My Song.
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Zhu Xun is a Chinese television host with plenty of experience with events like this.
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Ma Yue will join the large number of hosts for this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala broadcast.
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Li Jiaming is a CCTV host who’ll be hosting this year’s broadcast with the many others. Jiaming’s hobbies include singing, chatting, sports and tourism.
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Ren Luyu is a famous CCTV host who’ll be joining the many others hosting this year’s massive Chinese New Year Gala in front of the eye of hundreds of millions of TV viewers.
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From local TV stations around China, joining the national broadcast will be:

Zhao Linshuo
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Xu Jie
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Deng Lu
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The Spring Festival Gala themed for this year’s Chinese Zodiac animal and aptly called The Year of the Monkey, is different from the previous shows as this year’s gala will have four extra venues, apart from the main one at the CCTV complex in Beijing.
The additional venues are in southeast China’s Quanzhou city, in northwest China’s Xi’an city, in south China’s Guangzhou city and Hulun Buir city in Inner Mongolia’s autonomous region.
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The annual Gala debuted in 1983, and has become a yearly television tradition in China.
The variety show, which is expected to have hundreds of millions of viewers this year, offers a variety of entertainment options from songs and dances to comedy skits.
Viewers will see performers showing off their magic tricks, acrobatic skills and they’ll also see celebrity cameos.